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Welcome to Bwise. In the Digital world Being wise is wiser than just being smart. Because being smart might help you to learn from mistakes but being wise will prevent you from committing mistakes. So Bwise ! It’s the sole mantra that will aid you in all aspects of life.

 “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”          Socrates

A man that lacks wisdom is always sidelined. Wisdom makes a man use his know-how and think before the actions he performs. We aren’t born with wisdom. One learns to be wise in this materialistic world. But wisdom comes to those who long for it and acquire the vision to see around the very corners of life.

A wise man always renders his thoughts towards the situation and then performs his actions, accordingly. Acquiring and practicing wisdom gives way to happiness and longevity of life. Also not to deny the fact that wise decisions prevent situations from getting difficult.

Wisdom synthesizes all your knowledge, facts, and information into a proper and right path and reduces the chances of failure. Wisdom is one of the greatest qualities that a human being possesses.

There was a time when only a few had access to knowledge. But today is the information age, where everyone has access to theoretical knowledge. But what one lacks in, is the way to use this theoretical knowledge.

Bwise blog is all about making you wiser with easy tips that would aid you to approach things in your life with more clarity of thought and simplicity