5 tips of parenting to ensure happy online classes for your kids

5 parenting tips-kids happy online class

Parenting is not an easy task in the present scenario.Parents now have to take up all possible roles not only of a caring mother and a supportive father but also of a friend, teacher, doctor, and also of a co-ordinator to ensure all-round development of the child.Here are 5 parenting tips to ensure happy online classes for your kids,These 5 parenting tips will make your task easy and simple to handle your kids during online classes.

Fix time-table

5 parenting tip- to fix time table

Fixing time table will enhance discipline and maintain a balance between study and playtime this in the long run will also build their confidence and aid in learning time management skills. As a parent, you will also feel satisfied as you see your kids making positive use of the time by engaging in fruitful activities that ensure both their mental and physical health.

Lock the Web

5 parenting tip - lock the web during online class

The internet is with unlimited content and that must be protected from the kids by ensuring the privacy restrictions on the system used by them to shield them from cyberbullying. Parents may also opt for parental control to protect kids from harmful content.Though the internet is the need of an hour if its usage is not regulated properly may lead to unhealthy habits in kids like one being online game addiction and many more.

Break from Screen

5 parenting tip - ensure break from screen

 More screen time will do more harm than good to your kids. Health studies holds that it affects the eyes, it will also leads backache, fatigue, and even insomnia. so, its really essential that parents must ensure a break from the screen and encourage kids to do more offline activities that aids in their mental and physical health.More preference to reading books and pursuing hobbies such as painting, drawing, and music will surely refresh them with renewed energy to perform well in their academics too.

Communication is Key

5 parenting tip - parent as good communicator

Parenting is not an easy task apart from that the pandemic has affected all of us by the uncertainties caused by financial situations, Unemployment, and strained relationships and it is unfortunate that even children are susceptible to stress in the absence of peer group interaction which acted as a stress buster. Therefore, It is extremely necessary for the parents to fill this gap and give space for the kids to share their worries and emotions.

Be the Problem Solver
5 parenting tip- parent as problem solv3r

Children can be hesitant to ask questions in online classes, They may feel uncomfortable to interrupt and clarify their doubts. In such a case, as a parent, it is very important for you to ask them if they need any help and provide them with all possible support needed. In the present scenario apart from giving emotional support parents should step into the shoes of teachers and more lovingly clarify their doubts considering the gap in their online studies.

These 5 tips of parenting will help your kids to not only maximize online learning but will also make it an enjoyable experience.

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